A farm of gardens

January 13, 2016 (West Hawaii Today)—The early morning air at Kawanui Farm was filled with the sweet scent of wood smoke. Gerry Herbert emerged from the house to greet me, dressed warmly. “We have a fire in the fireplace almost every morning in winter,” he said, rubbing his hands together to retain their warmth. He and his wife, Nancy Redfeather, are a pair of excellent gardeners who have created a lovely farm with numerous well-tended gardens and fruit orchards on an acre in Honalo.
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Saving seeds is a sustainable practice

July 13, 2015 (West Hawaii Today)—Saving seeds from this season’s crops for future planting is an age-old practice that is having a revival. Farmers and gardeners once relied on the sustainable practice of saving seeds from their favorite plants, sharing or trading them with other growers and planting the saved seeds later. It meant that you could grow lots of food, flowers and trees from free seeds. No seed companies, nurseries or money were involved.
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Hawai‘i Public Seed Initiative

June 12, 2015 (Hawai‘i Public Radio)—The Hawaiʻi Public Seed Initiative aims to improve, increase, and promote biodiversity of crops across the state. By working with local communities, farmers, and gardeners, the Initiative aims to grow, harvest, store, and improve the very best seeds that thrive in Hawaiʻi.
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Edible Hawaiian Islands’ 2015 Local Hero Awards

April 9, 2015 (Edible Hawaiian Islands)—The Hawai‘i Public Seed Initiative is honored to be voted one of Edible Hawaiian Islands “Local Heros.” We are proud to have the opportunity to work with an island-wide network of small farmers, gardeners and interested community members who are dedicated to creating and sharing a source of locally adapted seeds for our diverse island microclimates.
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Saving seeds offers many benefits

October 27, 2013 (West Hawaii Today)—The 10th annual West Hawaii Fall Seed Exchange is scheduled from 4 to 5 p.m. Friday at Amy B.H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden in Captain Cook. The exchange is an excellent opportunity for farmers and gardeners to get together, network with one another, share growing information and trade seeds, huli and cuttings.
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Annual seed exchange celebrates Arbor Day (Nov. 1-3)

October 23, 2013 (Hawaii 24/7)—The 10th Annual West Hawaii Seed Exchange is Nov. 1-3 at Amy B.H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden in Captain Cook. This year the garden’s traditional event also includes an Arbor Day celebration, tree giveaway, expert advice, and a program for students.
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Seed libraries help future crops

March 22, 2013 (NBC Nightly News)—Featuring Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library in the San Francisco Bay Area. With growing concern over what’s in our food and where it comes from, seed savers say they’re taking back the power to feed themselves, one backyard crop at a time. NBC’s Diana Alvear reports.

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