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2014 Earth and Ocean Festival
Kailua-Kona, Hawai‘i Island
April 12, 2014

The Seventh Annual School Learning Garden Symposium
Waimea, Hawai‘i Island
June 7, 2014

ʻĀINA In Schools Garden & Nutrition Curriculum Training
Waimea, Hawai‘i Island
June 8, 2014

Kū ‘Āina Pā Summer Intensive
Waimea, Hawai‘i Island
June 9-11, 2014

Waimea School Garden Tours
Waimea, Hawai‘i Island
June 12, 2014

Natural Farming Certification Course
Kailua-Kona, Hawai‘i Island
June 17-21, 2014

Recent News

The Honaunau School garden, run by Melissa Chivers and Jessica Sobocinski, is more than just a place where flowers and vegetables grow; it is a living classroom where students and teachers can observe, interact with, and learn about the natural world that is responsible for supporting human existence on this planet.

Almost two years since it was completed, The Kohala Center’s Health Impact Assessment on Hawaii County’s Agriculture Plan has garnered national attention and helped produce meaningful effects on the local food system.

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March/April 2014
The Kohala Center Leaflet: March/April 2014 Newsletter

  • An urgent call to upgrade Kahalu‘u Bay Education Center
  • Ducks and fences: An allegory of watershed interconnectivity
  • United Nations International Year of the Family Farm well timed for Hawai‘i
  • A natural approach to increasing local food production
  • Community leaders convene in Waimea to advance hope for Hawai‘i’s keiki

January/February 2014
The Kohala Center Leaflet: January/February 2014 Newsletter

  • Kahalu‘u Bay gets down to business
  • FoodCorps Hawai‘i planting the seeds for its second year
  • Mellon-Hawai‘i Fellowship Program funding renewed
  • Public Seed Initiative keeps growing
  • Boots on the ground to get hooves off the mountain

November/December 2013
The Kohala Center Leaflet: November/December 2013 Newsletter

  • Keiki Fishing Derby hooks families on fun
  • Sustenance at sea: Connecting school gardens with Mālama Honua
  • Leaving a legacy of support
  • ReefTeach comes to Puakō
  • Pilina: The Hawai‘i Island Conservation Forum 2013

September/October 2013
The Kohala Center Leaflet: September/October 2013 Newsletter

  • Connecting Hawai‘i’s kids to healthy, local food
  • Puanani Burgess joins board of directors
  • Keiki Fishing Derby and Family Fun Day at Kahalu‘u Bay
  • It’s in the water: Maui Aquaponics Worker Cooperative
  • Advancing Hawai‘i’s organic food industry

July/August 2013
The Kohala Center Leaflet: July/August 2013 Newsletter

  • Inspired by creative and compassionate excellence in the Philippines
  • The revival of Kahalu‘u Bay
  • Mellon-Hawai‘i Fellowship Program welcomes sixth cohort of scholars
  • An integrated and innovative approach to water issues
  • Growing healthy keiki by growing school garden teachers

May/June 2013
The Kohala Center Leaflet: May/June 2013 Newsletter

  • Laulima Center assists a unique, sustainable cooperative
  • Cultivating the next generation of Hawai‘i farmers
  • Waimea residents band together to combat coqui frogs
  • High marks for HI-MOES
  • A job well done: Kumu Pa‘a I Ka ‘Āina celebrates its ninth year in Hawai‘i

March/April 2013
The Kohala Center Leaflet: March/April 2013 Newsletter

  • Mellon-Hawai‘i Fellows present their work
  • A positive step to reduce overfishing
  • Investigating “re-localization” on Moloka‘i and Hawai‘i Island
  • Valerie Ossipoff joins Board of Directors
  • School Learning Garden Symposium to be held in Waimea
  • The Kohala Center selected as a 2013 Local Hero by Edible Hawaiian Islands readers!

December 2012
The Kohala Center Leaflet: December 2012 Newsletter

  • A Magical 2012: Letter from the Executive Director
  • Kahaluʻu Bay Education Center Celebrates First Anniversary
  • Bee the Change: What is Happening to Our Honeybees?
  • Seed Basics Workshops: The Root of Food Security
  • BELL Hawai‘i Scholarship Opportunity Back Page
  • HI-MOES: Take It Outside

September/October 2012
The Kohala Center Leaflet: September/October 2012 Newsletter

  • New Farmer Training Program: Increasing Local Food Production and Creating Jobs
  • Mellon-Hawai‘i Fellows Achieve Successes
  • Keeping It Healthy: Eat-Think-Grow Workshops Inspire Island Families and Teachers
  • A Divine Discovery on Kohala Mountain: The Return of ‘Ōhā Wai
  • Kahalu‘u Bay Welcomes a Rare Visitor
  • Laulima Center: Cooperatives on Hawai‘i Island and Maui Deliver Innovative Solutions
  • Exclusive Events for The Kohala Center’s Circle of Friends This Fall

July/August 2012
The Kohala Center Leaflet: July/August 2012 Newsletter

  • Mellon-Hawai‘i Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowship Program: Supporting Hawai‘i’s Native Scholars
  • Promoting Hawai‘i’s History, Protecting Hawai‘i’s Resources: The Fifth Cohort of Mellon-Hawai‘i Fellows and Mentors
  • Grant Assistance from the Laulima Center Enables Creation of Certified Food Processing Facility in Hāmākua
  • Call for Teachers: Promoting Science through Hands-On Field Research
  • Protecting Kohala Mountain: “Ginger Ninja” to the Rescue!
  • First Kū ‘Āina Pā Program Trains Island’s School Garden Teachers

May/June 2012
The Kohala Center Leaflet: May/June 2012 Newsletter

  • Health Impact Assessment: A New View of Agricultural Issues
  • The Laulima Center: Improving Farmers’ Access to Resources
  • School Gardens: Where Communities Convene
  • Seed Initiative: Hawai‘i Seed Savers Come Together
  • KBEC: Where Culture, Science and Community Meet
  • Learning with the Best and the Brightest: Brown Environmental Leadership Lab
  • Exceptional Students Win Scholarships to Exceptional Summer Programs

March/April 2012
The Kohala Center Leaflet: March/April 2012 Newsletter

  • A Winning Formula
  • Linking Food Self-Reliance to Community Well-Being
  • Spawning Guide
  • How Maps Work
  • Spring Garden Tours
  • Kū ‘Āina Pā: Standing Firmly with Knowledge upon the Land
  • A New Generation of Seed Savers
  • UCSD Summer Scholarship Programs
  • I Am Not Done Learning By Renee Pualani Louis, Ph.D., Mellon-Hawai‘i Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Spring 2012 School Garden Tours
  • CTAHR’s Waimanalo Experiment Station With Dr. James Brewbaker
  • UCSD Academic Connections/TKC Partnership

January/February 2012
The Kohala Center Leaflet: January/February 2012 Newsletter

  • New Life at Kahalu‘u: Remembering the Past and Embracing the Future
  • Cornell EES Program: Planting a Future Forest By Alexandra Moore, Director, EES Field Program
  • BELL Hawai‘i Scholarship Opportunity
  • HI-SEES: Providing the Means to Do Science in the Field
  • In Language There Is Life
  • Seed Workshops on O‘ahu and Maui
  • Learning Opportunities in Hawai‘i’s School Gardens
  • Nurturing the Relationship between Students and the Land
  • School Garden Profile: West Hawai‘i Explorations Academy
  • Scholarship Season at Hawai‘i Community Foundation
  • Fulfilling the Dreams of Our Kūpuna By Cindi Punihaole, TKC’s Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Small-Scale Solutions By Alexandra Moore, Director, Cornell EES Field Program
  • Anyone Can Become a Scientist By Charlotte Godfrey-Romo, Hilo High School Science Teacher
  • A Culture Encoded in Language
  • Story, Photos, and Captions by Larry Kimura, Mellon-Hawai‘i Doctoral Fellow
  • School Garden Grantees
  • Compassion for Living Things

November/December 2011
The Kohala Center Leaflet: November/December 2011 Newsletter

  • Islands of Change By Matt Hamabata, Executive Director
  • Assessing the Health Impacts of Local Food Production
  • Coming Soon to a Farmers’ Market Near You
  • From Seed to Table Education
  • Save Our Seed
  • Making a Difference
  • For Our Future By Cindi Punihaole
  • Check It Out!
  • The Center for Agricultural Success Reflections from Jim Cain, founder of King Lau Lau Poi Factory
  • Garden Teacher Training By Nancy Redfeather, Coordinator of the Hawai‘i Island School Garden Network
  • Think Seed Saving By Lyn Howe, Hawai‘i Public Seed Initiative Workshop Coordinator
  • The Mystery Islands Story, Photos, and Captions by Kekuewa Kikiloi, Mellon-Hawai‘i Doctoral Fellow

September/October 2011
The Kohala Center Leaflet: September/October
2011 Newsletter

  • Hawai‘i Public Seed Initiative
  • Staking a Claim in the Food System
  • Making Change Visible
  • Keauhou Bird Conservation Center and Kipuka Puaulu with Jack Jeffrey
  • Second Annual Lawai‘a ‘Ohana Camp
     “A Sustainable Fish Camp for Families”
  • Place-Based Environmental Education
  • Leaders in Caring for the Earth
  • A Gift of Time
  • Sharing Seed
  • TKC’s Seed Team
  • Building a Healthy Local Food System, Economy, & People
  • Only in Kohala
  • To Fish Wisely
  • Taking on New Challenges
  • All Hands in the Garden

July/August 2011 The Kohala Center Leaflet: July/August
2011 Newsletter

  • The Power of Mother Nature
  • Our Fair Share
  • New Cohort of Mellon-Hawai‘i Fellows Named
  • Earth As Teacher
  • A World of Difference
  • A Sense of Kinship
  • Summer Scholars
  • Planting Hope
  • Wellness with Plants
  • The Miracle of Community
  • Changing How We Think about Hawai‘i:
    The 4th Cohort of Mellon-Hawai‘i Fellows
  • Gathering the Knowledge of the Land:
    Cornell EES Students Report on Their Internships
  • Frameworks Project: Making Science Friendly
  • HI-MOES Research Summaries

May/June 2011 The Kohala Center Leaflet: May/June
2011 Newsletter

  • Turtle Rescue
  • Lasting Contributions to the Land
  • Many Hands
  • Finding Their Voices at BELL
  • Opening Doors for Future Generations
  • Eye to Eye with Native Birds
  • Sharing and Preparing Food Together
  • A Few of Their Favorite Things By Melora Purell, Waimea Nature Camp Director
  • The Story of Lefty By Caroline Neary, Assistant Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator, The Kohala Center
  • A Forest Is Born By Scarlett Kettwich, Pelekane Bay Restoration Field Crew
  • The Power of Leading by Example By Hiapokeikikāne (Hiapo) Kichie Perreira, Mellon-Hawai‘i Doctoral Fellow

March/April 2011 The Kohala Center Leaflet: March/April
2011 Newsletter

  • Cooperative Solutions
  • Conservation and Collaboration
  • One of a Kind
  • Learning by Doing
  • Project Aloha ‘Āina
  • The Discovery Garden
  • Why Whales Sing
  • The Laulima Center
    By Melanie Bondera, Rural Cooperative Development Specialist
  • Teamwork
    Reports from the Cornell-Hawai‘i Graduate Field Research Lab
  • Healing through Political Action and Education
    By Noelani Goodyear-Ka‘ōpua, Mellon-Hawai‘i Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Into the Magnificent Outdoors
    Participant Feedback on the HI-MOES Project
  • New Coral Reef Curriculum
    By Cindi Punihaole, Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator, The Kohala Center
  • Danny Garcia’s Vision

January/February 2011
The Kohala Center Leaflet: January/February
2011 Newsletter

  • A New Day in Hawaiʻi
  • Cornell EES: The Next Generation
  • Preserving his Native Tongue
  • The Land, the Sea, Culture & Fun
  • Seeking Environmental Leaders
  • Engineering: A Passionate Pursuit at Cornell
  • Making Academic Connections
  • Sharing Community
  • Very Rare and Endangered
  • A Garden at Every School
  • Smart by Nature Presentations Now Online
  • Revolutionizing the Teaching and Learning of Hawaiian
  • The 5th Annual Nāhelehele Symposium

November/December 2010
The Kohala Center Leaflet: November/December
2010 Newsletter

  • Extraordinary Times
  • Pulling Together to Protect Kohala
  • The Most Inexpensive Way to Save Money
  • Holiday Reception at Kawanui Farm
  • Writing Books from which Everyone Can Learn
  • Bulb Exchange Fundraiser
  • A Sea Change
  • Eyes and Ears Network
  • A Hawaiian Perspective
  • Featured Films: Waimea Ocean Film Festival

October 2010
The Kohala Center Leaflet: October 2010 Newsletter

  • You’re Invited to the Crop Swap!
  • From Beekeeping to Grant Writing
  • Achieving the Dream
  • Supporting Academic Excellence
  • High Fives at Kohala Elementary School
  • Heroes of Agriculture, Food and Environment Awards
  • The Architects of Our Own Future
  • Hilo Community Learning Center
  • Home Grown Heroes
  • Science Is Now Their Favorite Subject

September 2010
The Kohala Center Leaflet: September 2010 Newsletter

  • On the Ground Conservation
  • Honoring the Past…Enriching the Future!
  • Fisheries Internships
  • An Exceptionally Dynamic Natural Laboratory
    By Alexandra Moore, Director
    Cornell University Field Program
  • Smart by Nature
    By Nancy Redfeather, Director
    Hawaiʻi Island School Garden Network
  • WindWings and WaterWings
  • Good Eats Scholarship Fund
  • GreenCar Hawaii
  • The Power of Collaboration
    By Melora Purell, Chair
    Hawai‘i Association of Watershed Partnerships
  • Empowering Families
    By Cindi Punihaole
    TKC Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Comments from the Garden Teachers
  • Tread Lightly and Enjoy the Ride
    By Justin MacNaughton
    GreenCar Hawaii

July/August 2010
The Kohala Center Leaflet: July/August 2010 Newsletter

  • Good Information and Best Practices
  • We Need to Eat
  • A Statewide Seed Initiative
  • Student Leaders on Global Environmental Issues
  • A Metamorphosis in Our Schools
  • Lessons in Sustainability
  • A New Historical Context
  • A Mountain to Sea Approach
    By Cindi Punihaole, TKC Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Lessons and Memories from Hawai‘i Island
    Reflections from Participants in the Study of the United States Institute (SUSI) for Student Leaders on Global Environmental Issues
  • The Ball Is Rolling
  • Teaching Each Other
  • Filling in the Missing Pieces
    By Janis Wong, TKC Media Relations

June 2010
The Kohala Center Leaflet: June 2010 Newsletter

  • Third Cohort of Mellon-Hawai‘i Fellows Named
  • Paddling One Canoe
  • Reflections on EES 2010
    By Alexandra Moore, Cornell EES Program Director
  • Hawai‘i Island Seed Exchange
  • Sharing Big Ideas
  • Wonderful Questions
  • Farming for a Living
    By Una Greenaway
  • 500 Light Bulbs
  • Our Ways of Knowing:
    Meet the 2010 Mellon-Hawai‘i Fellows
  • The Diving Women of Jeju Island
    By Grace Ha, Fulbright Scholar and 2009 Cornell EES Program graduate
  • Re-growing a Forest or Two
    Story and Images by Alexandra Moore, Cornell EES Program Director
  • Real Research
  • Work Hard, Compost, and Other Farm Survival Skills
    By Una Greenaway

May 2010
The Kohala Center Leaflet: May 2010 Newsletter

  • A True Revolution
    By Nancy Redfeather
    Coordinator of Hua Ka Hua Seed Symposium
  • Wisdom of the Kūpuna
  • Consumer Energy Education
  • Best in the Country
  • Motivated Teens
  • Waimea Nature Camp:
    Forests, Tide Pools, & Everything in Between
  • Laulima: Working Together
  • A Sweet Spot of Land
  • New Thinking for Hawai‘i and the World
  • Hoping To Make a Difference
    By Roya Sabri, junior at Kealakehe High School and
    2010 CATALYST Academy scholarship recipient
  • Firsthand Knowledge

April 2010
The Kohala Center Leaflet: April 2010 Newsletter

  • Wild, Domesticated, Bred, and Engineered –
    Where Did We Begin and Where Might We Go?
    By Matt Dillon, Director of Advocacy, Organic Seed Alliance
  • A Bright Idea
  • Exploratory Research
  • Hawai‘i Island Coastal Education and Stewardship Project
    A Generation of New Leaders
  • Ahupua‘a Restoration
  • Art in the Garden
  • The Beauty of This Garden Is You!
    By Patti Cook and Pedro Tama
  • Rare Birds
  • The ULTRA-EX Project
  • A Lifetime Stewardship Ethic
  • Kamana Beamer
  • Inspiring the Genius Within

March 2010
The Kohala Center Leaflet: March 2010 Newsletter

  • A Study of Two Cities
  • Our Living Heritage
  • Beyond the Obvious
  • Better Food
  • Experience the Uncommon
  • The Transformation of Hawaiian Land Tenure
  • The Message Is: Innovate!
  • The Art of Listening
  • Understanding Human-Induced Change
    By Ezekiel Fugate, Doctoral Student at Yale University
  • The Garden at HAAS

February 2010
The Kohala Center Leaflet: February 2010 Newsletter

  • Hua Ka Hua–Restore Our Seed
    A Public Seed Symposium
  • A Day of Service
  • Putting Their Energy into the Earth
  • Whalewatch Village Design
  • Very Beneficial Scholarship Opportunities
  • Managing Human Impacts
  • Chocolate!
  • 1,000 Pairs of Hands
    Story and Photos by Patti Cook
  • Once in a Lifetime Experiences
  • Nāhelehele Dry Forest Symposium

January 2010
The Kohala Center Leaflet: January 2010 Newsletter

  • The Big Picture
    By Roberta Fujimoto Chu, President of the Board of Directors
  • Meaningful Outdoor Experience
  • Like Nowhere Else on Earth
  • Healthy Soil for Healthy Bodies
  • The Hawaiian Language Shall Live
  • Spotlight on School Gardens:
    Honoka‘a High School Agriculture Program
  • The Art and Science of Map-Making
  • Good Times on Kohala Mountain
  • There’s Life in These Streams!
  • Body & Soil Conference
  • Living Traditional Culture
  • Knowledge They Can Use

November & December 2009
The Kohala Center Leaflet: November & December 2009 Newsletter

  • A Year-End Message from Matt
  • The Next Generation of Architects
  • Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike (In Working, One Learns)
  • In Celebration of Life
  • Brown Environmental Leadership Lab Welcomes Island Students
  • Indigenous Ways of Being
  • Voices that Need to Be Heard
  • Hala No Ia Lā O Ka Pōloli: A Hungry Day Passes
  • A Gift to Our Members and Volunteers
  • Designing Affordable Farm Dwellings
  • Eight Days of Non-Stop Enthusiasm
  • Anchored Within the Ocean

Monday, October 5, 2009
The Kohala Center Leaflet: October 2009 Newsletter

  • Celebrating Life at Kahalu‘u Bay
  • Seeking Public Comments
  • What Does It Take to Be Carbon-Neutral?
  • Assessing the Health of Hawai‘i Island’s Reefs
  • Salt Making
  • Sustainability in a Hawaiian Context
  • Mellon-Hawai‘i Fellow Profile:
    Ku‘ualoha Ho‘omanawanui
  • Spotlight on School Gardens:
    Wonder Gardens at Innovations Public Charter School
  • A Passion for Coral Reefs
  • The Importance of Hawaiian Literature
  • Wonder Gardens

Thursday, September 3, 2009
The Kohala Center Leaflet: September 2009 Newsletter

  • Taking on Super Weed Trees
  • Building a Local Food System
  • Seeds of Hope
  • Restoring the Bounty of the Land
  • A Visit to Our Nation’s Capital
  • Staff Profile: Guy Kaulukukui
  • Steering the Boat
  • From the Bogs to the Sea: Summer Camp Highlights
  • Kohala Watershed Partnership Steps Up to Fight Invasive Species
  • Journey to the East Coast
  • The Benefits of Eating Local

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
The Kohala Center Leaflet: July/August 2009 Newsletter

  • Working with Nature, Community, & Business
  • Stimulus Funds to Restore Pelekane Bay Watershed
  • The Bay Concert: A Celebration of Life at Kahalu‘u Bay
  • The Natural Step
  • A Garden Revolution
  • More Cool Farms
  • Primed for Change
  • Young People Contribute to the Health of the Bay
Tuesday, June 7, 2009
The Kohala Center Leaflet: June 2009 Newsletter

  • Rewriting History
  • Great Expectations
  • Hands on the Pulse of the Bay
  • A Very Cool Farm Tour
  • A Special Mahalo (Thank You) to Friends and Volunteers

Thursday, May 7, 2009
The Kohala Center Leaflet: May 2009 Newsletter

  • Local Heroes
  • All About Education
  • The Fruits of Collaboration
  • Becoming Carbon Neutral
  • The Natural Step Sustainability Trainings
  • Bringing Out the Best in Children: Waimea Nature Camp
  • College Bound

Thursday, April 2, 2009
The Kohala Center Leaflet: April 2009 Newsletter

  • Planning for the Long-Term
  • The Heart of the Bay
  • Reestablishing an Ancient Knowledge System
  • A Lifelong Learner
  • In Celebration of Food
  • Hawai‘i Nei 2009: Native Species Art Contest
  • Honoring Future Farmers
  • How Big Were the Dinosaurs?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
The Kohala Center Leaflet: March 2009 Newsletter

  • Reading the Ethic of the Landscape
  • Giving Breath to the Forest
  • Frameworks for Success in Science
  • A New View of Home
  • A Footing in His Field
  • Letting Students Lead the Way
  • Students Talk Sustainability

Thursday, February 5, 2009
The Kohala Center Leaflet: February 2009 Newsletter

  • Mutually Beneficial Science
  • Kumu pa ‘aika ‘āina Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary
  • Earl E. Bakken Science and Engineering Scholarship Award
  • Summer Opportunities for Motivated Young People
  • The Joy of Communion with Nature
  • Dry Forest Symposium
  • Confidence to Move Forward
  • New Jewel Unveiled at Kohala Elementary School

Friday, December 19, 2008
The Kohala Center Leaflet:
December 2008/January 2009 Newsletter

  • A Year-End Message from Matt
  • Standing Room Only
  • Citizen Scientists Hit the Beach
  • One-of-a-Kind Opportunity
  • Inspired by Learning
  • Papahānaumokuākea ‘Ahahui Alaka‘i (PAA)
  • The Flow of Water
  • Digging in the Dirt

Thursday, November 6, 2008
The Kohala Center Leaflet: November 2008 Newsletter

  • Come Enjoy!
  • Education, Environment, & Empowerment
  • Cornell University Field Program in Earth and Environmental Systems
  • We Can Change the World Challenge
  • HP Scholarships
  • Manta Ballet
  • Available Soon: Two Kahalu‘u DVDs
  • People Protecting Hawai‘i

Monday, October 13, 2008
The Kohala Center Leaflet: October 2008 Newsletter

  • Creating Island Models
  • A Novel Approach to Invasive Species
  • Concert to Save the Bay
  • Two Talks on the Theme of Environmental Kinship
  • Updating Our Virtual Presence
  • Makapo Canoe Club Visit
  • Connecting with Our Forests
  • Small Tokens of Our Appreciation

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
The Kohala Center Leaflet: September 2008 Newsletter

  • Blessed by the Kupuna
  • ‘Aina Lei Ali'i: Lands Adorned by the Chiefs
  • Looking Five Years into Our Food Future
  • New Director: Hawai‘i Island Food Systems Project
  • Understories: Focus on School Gardens
  • Tour of Waiakamali Gulch Restoration Project Site
  • Manta Ray Night Dive
  • Aloha E!" from Waimea Nature Camp

Saturday, August 09, 2008
The Kohala Center Leaflet: July/August 2008 Newsletter

  • Native Hawaiian Scholars Awarded Mellon Fellowships
  • Native American Political Leadership Program
  • At the End of the Supply Line
  • Baseline Water Study
  • Many Pressing Issues
  • Seed Money
  • Local Students Lead the Way
  • Summertime!
  • Venture off the Beaten Track
  • Onshore Soon

Monday, June 09, 2008
The Kohala Center Leaflet: June 2008 Newsletter

  • Pacific Science in Town
  • Kaulana Mahina: The Hawaiian Lunar Calendar
  • Kahalu‘u in the News
  • Native & Introduced
  • Spotting Invasive Species
  • Congratulating Our Summer Scholars
  • Sharing a Passion for Change
  • All We Have Is Time
  • Empowering People
  • The Magical Path to Science...
  • The Magical Path to Art...
  • Using Their Minds

Monday, May 12, 2008
The Kohala Center Leaflet: May 2008 Newsletter

  • In Our Lifetime
  • Island Energy Forum
  • Call for Citizens to Serve
  • Working in Alignment: Kohala Center Senior Scientists
  • A Fine Bit of Research
  • Eruption Update
  • In the Forest & through the Streams
  • While There’s Still Time
  • Showing Families the $$ for College
  • Leading by Example
  • A Time for Action
  • Brilliant Work, Pond Team!

Friday, May 09, 2008
The Kohala Center Leaflet: April 2008 Newsletter

  • What Corals Are Telling Us About Climate Change
  • EcoHouse Hawai‘i Program
  • Our Name in Libraries across the Country
  • Join the Circle
  • A Family Affair
  • Transforming Business Practices
  • Renewable Energy Grants
  • School Gardens from Hamakua to Ka‘u to Kohala
  • EcoHouse in Hawai‘i
  • A Calendar of Events
  • Forward to the Encyclopedia of GIS

Monday, March 17, 2008
The Kohala Center Leaflet: March 2008 Newsletter

  • AAAS Meeting
  • Golden Opportunities
  • Adopt a Day at Kahalu‘u Bay
  • Student Congress on Sustainability
  • Study at Brown or Cornell University This Summer
  • Get on Board
  • Putting Ideas into Practice

Thursday, February 28, 2008
The Kohala Center Leaflet: February 2008 Newsletter

  • Mellon-Hawai‘i Fellowship for Native Hawaiian Scholars
  • Old Friends & New Faces
  • Up & Growing Spring Break Camp Is Coming
  • Crafting a Trail
  • Public Comments Invited: Kohala Watershed Plan
  • Movers & Shakers

Wednesday, December 12, 2007
The Kohala Center Leaflet: December 2007 Newsletter

  • Imua! (Move Forward!)
  • A Strategic Vision for the Next 20 Years
  • Change Your Life: Apply for a Scholarship
  • Renaissance Learning at Kohala School
  • Good Old-Fashioned Kid’s Stuff
  • Voices of Wisdom

Thursday, November 08, 2007
The Kohala Center Leaflet: November 2007 Newsletter

  • Food in a Post-Peak Oil World
  • From Fire to Food
  • A Bridge to the Past
  • A Day in the Forest
  • Honoring Our Youth
  • Count the Birds

Thursday, October 11, 2007
The Kohala Center Leaflet: October 2007 Newsletter

  • Planting the Seeds of Change
  • New at Kahalu‘u
  • The Changing Face of Hawaiian Archaeology
  • The Return of Cornell
  • Energy Role Model

Monday, October 01, 2007
The Kohala Center Leaflet: September 2007 Newsletter

  • Back to the Garden
  • Shifting the Balance
  • Hawai‘i Marine Mammal Consortium
  • The Delicious Revolution
  • Proposed Code Changes for Hawai‘i County
  • HMMC: Current Projects

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