Hawai‘i School Garden Curriculum Map now available!

The Hawai‘i School Garden Curriculum was created by teachers for busy teachers who may not be gardeners themselves, but intuitively understand the benefits of inquiry-based, place-based, project-based learning for their students.

Released at the beginning of the 2016–2017 school year, the Hawai‘i School Garden Curriculum Map is a pathway to connect core curriculum in the classroom with opportunities for extending learning in the real world, the basis of both Common Core and Next Generation Science. The Big Ideas begin with A Sense of Place, move to the all-important Living Soil and Living Plant, on to Nourishment, and finally Nature’s Design, encompassing the science-based cycles, patterns, and systems of the natural world.

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Charter School Food Working Group

Ongoing workshops to develop FFVP and school food programs. In the summer of 2015 we began with two workshops: Gathering to Share Best Practices at the Volcano School of Arts and Sciences, and Sessions with Carleton Gillenwater, creator of the Kona Pacific PCS Food Service. Contact Anna-Lisa Okoye if you are interested in being on the workshop notification list. aokoye@kohalacenter.org